When to See a Specialist About Knee Pain

Nov 01, 2022
When to See a Specialist About Knee Pain
Do your knees catch, grind, or ache? Do you notice tenderness or swelling? Knee pain may require a specialist’s care and attention. Read to learn the signs that mean you should see a specialist about your knee pain.

Your knee joints hold up much of the weight of your body and still have to move smoothly in complex ways in order for you to have your full range of motion. So, aches and pains centered on your knees are a reality of life for many, especially as they get older.

However, in some cases, knee pain means you need to see a specialist to make sure everything’s all right in your knee joints. At Scottsdale Hip and Knee, expert orthopedic surgeon and hip and knee replacement surgeon Dr. Ben Albert helps patients from around the Scottsdale, Arizona, area who are struggling with knee problems.

If your knee pain sounds like that below, get in touch with Dr. Albert for a comprehensive evaluation and a treatment plan that will work for your knee pain problems.

Acute vs. chronic knee pain

Not all knee pain comes on in the same way. You might experience acute knee pain as the result of a major or minor injury. Major injuries need medical attention to ensure proper healing, but if your knee pain is the result of a minor injury, you may not need a doctor’s care. 

Your knee pain related to minor or moderate injuries may improve with at-home care like icing, compression, elevation, over-the-counter pain medication, and rest.

Knee pain can also be a chronic issue in your life. Your knee pain may be related to a long-term health condition like arthritis. If so, you may need support in order to manage your condition and keep your knee pain from intruding too much on your daily life activities.

When you need to see a specialist

If your acute knee pain doesn’t improve after a day or two of observation, or if your injury is significant, it may be time to contact Dr. Albert and the team at Scottsdale Hip and Knee.

You should also see specialist care if you notice these concerning warning signs:

  • Redness, tenderness, or warmth around the affected joint
  • Significant pain or swelling
  • Fever

You need urgent or emergency treatment if your injury-related knee pain involves joint deformation, popping noises in your knee at the time of injury, intense pain and swelling, and the loss of the ability to bear weight on your joint.

Additionally, if you notice that your chronic knee pain is making it difficult for you to live your life to the fullest or get a good night’s sleep, schedule an appointment with Dr. Albert to find out what can be done for your relief.

Treating your knee pain

Dr. Albert works with each of his knee pain patients to develop customized treatment plans that effectively address all problem symptoms. By learning more about the underlying causes of your knee pain, Dr. Albert can discover ways to reduce your discomfort. Dr. Albert provides knee joint replacement for severe cases of knee pain.

For specialist support you can count on to manage and resolve your knee pain, get in touch with Dr. Albert at Scottsdale Hip and Knee today. Request your initial consultation appointment over the phone at (480) 905-2015 or online now.