The Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement

Feb 27, 2023
The Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement
Are you worried about a long recovery after your hip or knee replacement? You might be a candidate for robotic-assisted joint replacement, which shortens recovery time, among other benefits.

If you’re considering hip joint replacement, you probably know there’s a recovery period. You’d be interested if you could shorten it, wouldn’t you? That wish could come true if you qualify for robotic-assisted hip replacement. 

Dr. Ben Albert with Scottsdale Hip and Knee in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an expert in the latest advances in hip replacement, including robotic-assisted surgery. 

At your consultation, Dr. Albert reviews your medical history and examines the results of any testing on your joint to determine if you’re a good candidate for robotic hip replacement

What happens during robotic-assisted hip replacement?

With robotic-assisted surgery, Dr. Albert forms an individualized plan for your surgery. He uses imaging that produces a 3D model of your hip. The images show details of your bone structure, how your hip is aligned, and the condition of the tissue around the joint. This helps him form a plan for your implant. 

Dr. Albert uses pins and arrays to mark specific areas along your hip; the Mako robotic arm moves into position according to the marked measurements. Then Dr. Albert manipulates the robotic arm during the hip replacement. This helps him follow the plan and place the artificial parts of the joint at the exact place, making adjustments as needed, such as creating the correct amount of muscle tension. The robotic-assisted surgery produces a joint that moves easily and feels very natural. 

Benefits of robotic-assisted hip replacement

Robotic hip replacement has several benefits.

Aids in planning the surgery 

The 3D images taken in advance of the surgery help Dr. Albert plan where and how to place your hip for the best fit. That benefit results in your comfort after healing. 

Greater precision during surgery

Your hip has a form unique to you. Just a small difference in measurement during the operation can mean the difference between a joint that moves easily and without pain and one that causes discomfort. 

Greater precision means the surgery leaves as much muscle and bone intact as possible, making recovery shorter. The artificial parts of your new hip joint can be placed with millimeter accuracy, resulting in an optimal fit and joint function. 

Excellent hip alignment 

Robotic-assisted surgery helps Dr. Albert align your hip precisely. Correct joint alignment means you won’t have unnecessary friction and wear and tear on the joint. A hip replacement with components in the correct position is much more likely to last longer and give you greater comfort. 

To learn more about robotic-assisted hip replacement, call or book an appointment online today with orthopedic surgeon Ben Albert, MD, at Scottsdale Hip and Knee.